About CAA

Our History

Founded in 1948, the California Ambulance Association (CAA) represents the interests of emergency and non-emergency ambulance service providers serving nearly every county of the state of California.  As healthcare’s first responders, the association is dedicated to assuring the delivery of excellent pre-hospital care to the people of California by promoting recognized industry best practices.

Our Mission

  • To serve as the voice and resource on behalf of emergency and non-emergency ambulance services while promoting effective and fiscally responsible EMS systems and standards

Our Members

The association’s active members are successful independent businesses:

  • Ranging in size from small community services to large regional ambulance providers
  • Serving rural, suburban and urban areas in nearly every county of the state
  • Offering emergency and non-emergency services at the BLS, ALS and CCT level in various EMS system designs as well as other value-added healthcare and transportation services
  • Representing for-profit and non-profit organizations, including family-operated, community-based and corporate entities
  • Featuring leaders in the field of emergency medical services

The CAA’s associate member category includes ambulance services that are government operated, fire-department based as well as air ambulance providers.  The commercial member category includes vendors of emergency medical products and services.