About CAA

The CAA's management offices are located in Sacramento, California in close proximity to the state capitol.

California Ambulance Association
2520 Venture Oaks Way, Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95833

Phone: 916-239-4095
Toll Free: 877-276-1410
Fax: 916-924-7323
Email: [email protected]

Our History

Founded in 1948, the California Ambulance Association (CAA) represents the interests of emergency and non-emergency ambulance service providers serving nearly every county of the state of California.  As healthcare’s first responders, the association is dedicated to assuring the delivery of excellent pre-hospital care to the people of California by promoting recognized industry best practices.

Our Mission

  • To serve as the voice and resource on behalf of emergency and non-emergency ambulance services while promoting effective and fiscally responsible EMS systems and standards

Our Members

The association’s active members are successful independent businesses:

  • Ranging in size from small community services to large regional ambulance providers
  • Serving rural, suburban and urban areas in nearly every county of the state
  • Offering emergency and non-emergency services at the BLS, ALS and CCT level in various EMS system designs as well as other value-added healthcare and transportation services
  • Representing for-profit and non-profit organizations, including family-operated, community-based and corporate entities
  • Featuring leaders in the field of emergency medical services

The CAA’s associate member category includes ambulance services that are government operated, fire-department based as well as air ambulance providers.  The commercial member category includes vendors of emergency medical products and services.