Distinguishing, Declaring, and Delivering a Winning RFP Response
September 14, 2023 at 11am
Presented by Janet Smith
Janet Smith, the author of more than 100 RFP response documents for 9-1-1, hospital, and special event medical services contracts, offers insightful advice about competing for market share through RFP-driven wholesale (for the market) competitions. Ambulance procurements are evolving, especially in California. Ambulance middle managers’ and emerging EMS leaders’ roles during a procurement include weighing in on whether to bid or not to bid decision-making, serving as subject matter experts for their company departments, and gathering RFP-required data and information. The session offers an overview of typical RFP processes, new RFP designs, win-strategy development, and the bid physics involved in authoring and publishing a winning response.   
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How Leaders Can Put People Back in the Workplace
July 19, 2023 at 1pm
Presented by Scott Moore - Moore EMS Consulting, LLC
The last few years have seen a dramatic change in the nature and quality of the relationship between leaders and their team. In the EMS workplace, employers have historically struggled to maintain a strong line of communication with their workforce.  Over the past few years, the pandemic has only exacerbated this problem. In the face of unprecedented turnover and other workforce challenges, leaders are working hard to engage employees in a deeper and more meaningful way. To attract and retain employees, leaders must gain a broader understanding of those who seek employment in EMS beyond their professional aspirations. This session will highlight what team members value in their employer and their day-to-day work experience. We will provide strategies that leaders can employ to more meaningfully engage their team. Lastly, we will discuss how to balance this deeper understanding while maintaining a professional and compliant atmosphere.
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Transparency with Staff & Succession Planning
June 22, 2023 at 11am
Presented by Carly Strong - SEMSA/Riggs Ambulance Service
Being honest and transparent with your staff is important under all circumstances. As a new or seasoned leader, understanding the importance of transparency and how it drives best culture is a key learning at any point in your career, the earlier the better.  Learn tips, tricks and explanations for this crucial practice. Additionally, Carly will discuss the succession planning process. Most leaders are not involved in this process appropriately enough. Why is it important? What you need to know and plan for and the steps you need to take for success.
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May 23, 2023
Presented by Brian Meader - Medic Ambulance
This webinar will provide best practices for completing a comprehensive investigation from start to finish. Whether investigating a customer complaint, vehicle accident, employee issues or other unusual occurrence. This class is ideal for an upcoming or entry level supervisor.
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Leadership and Documentation: The Vital Role of EMS Leaders in Improving Your PCRs
April 20, 2023
Presented by Doug Wolfberg - Page, Wolfberg & Wirth
The quality of your organization’s EMS documentation is a “make or break” issue.  It directly affects your reimbursement, compliance and liability exposure. The leaders – and aspiring leaders - of EMS organizations must play a vital role in establishing clear documentation expectations for your providers, and making sure those standards are upheld over the long run.  How do leaders establish clear expectations? How do you motivate your employees to exceed?  This session, led by national EMS leader and attorney Doug Wolfberg, will focus on the role of leadership in the success of your clinical documentation, on which so much depends. 
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Implicit Bias, Malpractice and Murder - What Leaders Must Know
April 14, 2023
Presented by Doug Wolfberg - Page, Wolfberg & Wirth
The recent high-profile cases where EMS providers have been charged criminally following patient deaths have raised a plethora of issues that EMS leaders must recognize and navigate. The bad behaviors exhibited by EMS providers in these cases – which were captured on video – were likely not the first times these providers acted badly.  Why did supervisors, managers and agency leaders choose to ignore these behaviors until they resulted in death, criminal charges and malpractice cases?  How can leaders prevent the “normalization of deviance?” What role does implicit bias play in provider conduct?  How can leaders help their people recognize and neutralize these very human biases and ensure they do not impact their care?  Doug Wolfberg, a national EMS leader and attorney, will address these and other important topics in this thought-provoking session.
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Session 3: Leadership 101
April 5, 2023
Presented by Rob Lawrence - California Ambulance Association
In this session Rob Lawrence will break leadership down into its component parts looking at leadership styles, approaches and how to adopt the 'golf bag approach' to leading. He will discuss the self-awareness, empathy and relationship building qualities of the leader and offer his own six principles of leadership - Pride, Integrity, Learning, Humor, Service and Courage - all essential to lead and lead well.
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Session 2: Leading with Data: Unleashing EMS Leadership Excellence Through Metrics and Insights
March 31, 2023
Presented by Brendan Cameron - Lifeline Ambulance
In this presentation, Brendan will explore the power of data analytics in the EMS field, emphasizing the importance of monitoring metrics and KPIs for valuable insights. Leaders will learn the critical role of data integrity as the foundation of reliable reporting. Real-life examples of custom reports and tracked metrics will be showcased, delving into not only the data itself but also its deeper meaning. This session will empower attendees to translate analytics into actionable insights, revolutionizing EMS operations and decision-making for a data-driven future.
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Session 1: How Operations Impacts Revenue Cycle
February 22, 2023
Presented by Donna Hankins, American Ambulance
For the first session, we'll be providing a look behind the curtain at ambulance revenue to understand the critical role operations plays in collecting and validating patient demographics, treatments, and care to ensure compliance and reimbursement for the service.  
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